Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big happy elephants dancing through the lobby

And we're back!!
early morning memorable quotes:
Andy Jensen before the draw "I'm gettin' naked"
Teri Lazzara "I'll get naked with you"
and lo and behold... they are both getting naked together... in bed. Yes folks!
Dante walking through the lobby, on her phone, "it's going to be a good one. Get ready for this... do you have a kimono?... or four?"
Cynthia Whalen announcing how ecstatic she was to be in a kabuki musical in 14/48 in the first slot. Hooray!
Basil Harris... referencing nothing "We have no choice but to dive forward into the darkness. We have no idea what we are doing and we can only fail if we do not give 110%."
Lovely moments:
listening to the band play a klesmer/klezmer? rendition of "9 to 5"
Kathryn Van Meter entering with bright red matching luggage set looking as if she packed to move to Europe. She came prepared.
Dante focusing lights while four women in kimonos sing with the band on stage
Very large Seattle Center security guard entered the lobby on his Segue carrying Vente latte, looking for doughnuts... he Seque-d out empty handed. Kinda surreal.
Jodi Paul playing dress up in the costume shop. (He IS the artist liaison this weekend).
Deb Fialkow and Kerri Brown Wooster went on an ice run. Using one's cleavage and the other's pregnant belly they managed to get 80lbs of free ice from a blushing male ice...attendant? Nice work!
"So far I've made black clowny arm bands, fetched water for the band and filled the artists' fridge with PBR. This is a tough gig. Everyone should volunteer." - Jen Taylor
more quotes cuz... I can't seem to find the "cut" button on this PC. PC's are weird.
"I'm just thanking God that I only have one paragraph to memorize... why can't I remember that one f*cking paragraph." - David Gehrman
"I'm going to treat your script like your girlfriend. Bend it over a table and f*ck it up the ass." (Memorable Derek Horton quote paraphrased)
"My actors actors stinkin' rock!" - Susanna Wilson
Things seem to be going so well today that there will no doubt be massive chaos tomorrow.
We are slightly afraid.
Off to tech and dinner prep!
fialkow & taylor signing off

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Andy Joe said...

To be clear... Andy Jensen said "I'm gonna get naked" with a sense of foreboding... not hope. But it worked out pretty well.