Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tonight's Line Up

Act I

Theme: Great Expectations

Four Three Men and a Woman (?)
Written by Kathy Hsieh
Directed by Matt Fontaine
Performed by
Jason Marr
Shawn Belyea
Michael “Bama” Katt
Shawnmarie Stanton

Ooh Great One
Written by Ki Gottberg
Directed by Richard Ziman
Performed by
Gordon Carpenter
Chris Bell

Written by Brendan Healy
Directed by Darian Lindle
Performed by
Lisa Viertel
Morgan Rowe
Bill Higham

Family Night
Written by Becky Hellyer
Directed by Mik Kuhlman
Performed by
Ben Gonio
Roy Stanton
Betsy Schwartz
Heather Roberts
Kate Jaeger

Act II

Giant Expectorants
Written by Glen Hergenhahn
Directed by J.D. Lloyd
Performed by
Anthony Winkler*
Deniece Bleha
Marty Mukhalian
Jennifer Jasper

The Girl with the Polka Dot Panties
Written by Marcy Rodenborn
Directed by Lisa Confehr
Performed by
Troy Mink
Julie Westlin-Naigus
Erin Kraft

Gospel Plow
Written by Heidi Heimarck*
Directed by Opal Peachey
Performed by
Justin Alley
Aaron LaPlant
Megan Ahiers
Paula Sjunneson
Deb Fialkow

*Indicates past Mazen Award winners.

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Woman in Mind said...

Hello darling bloggers! Fun to see you running around taking notes and photos. Bummer about the catastrophes (especially the car break-in, bad news!) - but looking forward to reading your observations.

One correction - in play 4, "Family Night", it's Betsy Schwartz who's in it. See you all tonight!

Becky Hellyer