Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day Two: Impressions

Walking around today, hearing bits and pieces of what's happening:

Yesterday was about cross-dressing, today, not so much. There seems to be something of a unifying search to map the territory of the theme (Breaking A Habit). However, one bit from yesterday was carried over to today: Power ballads. I am told that today, audiences will be treated to renditions of Chicago's Hard Habit to Break, and Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine. Okay, Bad Medicine does not fit into the "power ballad" category, but the band has been known to produce a few over the years.

In the "Be Careful What You Wish For From The 14/48 Gods" file: Director Matt Fontaine says that he wished to direct a play without any words, and some kind of clown style to emulate. He got what he wished for, Heidi Heimarck's "Hello In There," a three character play featuring clown abuse (Lisa Viertel and Jason Marr), and Troy Mink working some kind of hoo doo on stage. Fontaine could be heard directing in a German accent.

Across the hall, Richard Ziman finds himself in a different situation from yesterday: No cross dressing men attempting to seduce a giant for him today; instead, he has a gentle little comedy about a woman who ends up talking with her High School crush at their reunion. The play is titled "Reunion," appropriately enough, by Becky Hellyer, and it features Kate Jaeger and Roy Stanton.

Generally, Ziman's experience is pretty analogous for 14/48 participants. The second day tends to be nearly diametrically opposed to the first one.

More buzz to come.

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