Sunday, July 27, 2008

Top of Day 2, Weekend 2: "Kicking a Habit"

I know, I know, you are chomping at the bit to know what is going on already, right? (well, hopefully you are); so until Beige One arrives rested from his battle with YouTube yesterday, ya got me and here's what you get:

Play 1: "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
Written by: Brendan Healy
Directed by: Opal Peachey
Performed by:
Jennifer Jasper
Deniece Bleha
Bill Higham
Jodi-Paul Wooster

Play 2: "Reunion"
Written by: Becky Hellyer
Directed by: Richard Ziman
Performed by:
Roy Stanton
Kate Jaeger

Play 3: "Oh What a Relief It Is"
Written by: Kathy Hsieh
Directed by: Lisa Confehr
Performed by:
Shawnmarie Stanton
Aaron LaPlante
Julie Westlin-Naigus

Play 4: "Horror Habit"
Written by: Ki Gottberg
Directed by: J.D. Lloyd
Performed by:
Paula Sjunneson
Marty Mukhalian
Betsy Schwartz
Megan Ahiers
Heather Roberts

Play 5: "When Evening Falls So Hard"
Written by: Glenn Hergenhahn
Directed by: Darian Lindle
Performed by:
Erin Kraft
Michael "Bama" Katt
Gordon Carpenter
Anthony Winkler

Play 6: "Hello In There"
Written by: Heidi Heimarck
Directed by: Matt Fontaine
Performed by:
Troy Mink
Jason Marr
Lisa Viertel

Play 7: "Clarabelle's Secret"
Written by: March Rodenborn
Directed by: Mik Kuhlman
Performed by:
Justin Alley
Ben Gonio
Shawn Belyea
Morgan Rowe
Annette Toutonghi

There you go - band need the computer....

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