Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Guide to your De-flowering

There is powerpoint.  Swanky.  The Steering Committee is introduced.  The group of Virgins learns--and very quickly embraces--the tradition of booing anyone who's missing the meeting.  And now the Virgin Writers, the Designers, the Directors, Band Members, and Actors step to the stage and introduce themselves.  The actors find their light, like, immediately and the ladies outnumber the gentlemen by more than 2 to 1, just like your last audition.

Shawn Belyea (gently) walks everyone through the schedule and logistics for the weekend and offers a Guide to your De-flowering.

Playwright wisdom:  The more of your words you want heard, the fewer you should put on the page.

(Ok, crap, the powerpoint is going all wonky...and we're back.)

Director wisdom:  Product not Process (leave the Viewpoints at home, people) and give your actors a break.

Actor wisdom: Embrace your role, stay hydrated, and learn yer lines!  And go (big, truthful, etc.) or go home.

Band wisdom: Be the band you are, not the band you saw last week.  Anything can be an instrument.

Designer wisdom:  Get everything done by tech.  One great prop or costume can make the whole show.

And let's make a play...or seven.


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