Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 411 Today

Our fancy fishbowls for the actor draw! Farrah and Tom are watching.
The draw is done! Here are your plays, directors and casts today!

Play #1 - An Unquiet Mind, by Dawson Nichols
Directed by Susanna Burney
Cast: Troy Lund, K. Brian Neel, Nick Edwards and Shawn Belyea

Play #2 - Journey to 1983, by Chris Haddad
Directed by Lyam White
Cast: Alyssa Keene, Beth Raas and Jeff Page

Play #3 - Cut Your Teeth, by Darian Lindle
Directed by Kathy Hsieh
Cast: Jonah Von Spreecken and Cole Hornaday

Play #4 - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You, by Ashley Bagwell
Directed by Aimée Bruneau
Cast: Wayne Rawley, Sam Hagen and Troy Fishnaller

Play #5 - Beautiful, Brains, Tinder, by Zoey Belyea
Directed by Mark Fullerton
Cast: Colleen Robertson, Scotto Moore and Jim Jewell

Play #6 - The Space Between, by Mik Kuhlman
Directed by Joe Zavadil
Cast: Shane Regan and Karen Jo Fairbrook

Play #7 - Buongiorno Principessa!, by Beth Petersen
Directed by Brandon Felker
Cast: Joanna Horowitz, Allison Strickland, Pamala Mijatov, Allison Scadron-Branner and Tim Moore

Get to it, y'all!

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