Friday, June 28, 2013

Rewind to Act 2

I had to get that theme out right away, but here's a quick rundown of Act 2:

After a brilliantly creepy end of the first half, the audience was ready to laugh and Thank you for Holding by Kate Jaeger gives them what they want. Just the pauses between the lines in this show is enough to crack me up.

Next we meet A Fish and a Bear in Purgatory by Holly Arsenault where an awkward encounter turns into inter-species romance.  Love wins again!

Finally, Kings by John Farrage is just the ticket for closing show on Pride weekend.  The 5-woman cast struts their stuff in a drag competition and the air is thick with innuendo.

The actors in the green room have agreed,  "Let's do it again!"  Say, at 10:30?  Is that good for you?

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