Saturday, June 22, 2013

8pm Madness! 1st half!

Ok, I wasn't wrong quite. For 80 degrees outside, you showed up! Mostly full house! And here we go!

The Gillettes come out to start the show - a la Mad Men - and then they get down and dirty to Nate B's rapping. Hot stuff.

The Gillettes starting the show off right.
Play #1 - The Unquiet Mind
I couldn't even type during that one. I couldn't take my eyes off this show. A man's brain always going - his phone, bed, alarm clock all have things to say to him - as does every other inanimate object throughout his day. I was told there was actually very little dialogue in the script so just about everything the cast said was created during rehearsal. It was just all kinds of fucking awesome all around. I especially enjoyed the different voices each actor employed when creating a new object. Hilarious and fantastic!

Play #2 - Journey to 1983
There are so many great things about this one. Beth Raas-Bergquist plays a child - this is unnerving because she's a) seven months pregnant and b) she does a cartwheel twice as well. Teri Lazarra is sitting behind me and goes, 'Oooooh noooo..' til Beth completed it. Whoo! There are also shadow dinosaurs! And Rachel Atkins' own prop invention, a holster full of stars, which is amaze balls! And there are father issues - which kinda kills me personally, but I love the level of emotion Alyssa and Jeff bring to it so quickly. So touching. 

Play #3 - Cut Your Teeth
A dentist and his new client and an oddly weighted medical chair that Jonah and Cole handled very well when it fell forward unexpectedly. Among other things they 'handled'.. ahem. Hot, sweet and funny.

Also? The band sounds hella tight. Annie Jantzer's voice is seriously butter. Goddamn..

Play #4 - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
Yes! Sly Stallone and Chris Walken in a buddy action film! LOVE! And a pterodactyl! Sam Hagen's French accent slays me. And chicken and waffles! Yes!

Great first half! That's intermission!

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