Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Morning, Sexy

A casual check of my Facebook feed this morning saw three 14/48 Playwrights bragging that they had submitted their plays in the neighborhood of 1 a.m., while one claimed to have only written half a page at that point.

Right now, shortly after 9, everything is written and playwrights are meeting with directors. A couple familiar couplings and a bunch of new teams are hashing it out. The designers are mostly silently reading through the scripts, with occasional interjections: "Let's make everything glitter."  The few actors who are early to arrive are looking for a cool spot and starting on breakfast.  At least two of them told me that last night left them exhausted and HUNGRY and give me a list of everything that they ate when they got home last night. This just makes me feel better about my own peach and nutella sandwich.

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