Saturday, June 22, 2013

Here We Are.....Saturday morning. Closing Night.

Good Morning 14/48!
Lot's of water being drunk and coffee being injected. Alex has set out a spread to help us  get our blood sugar up and our alcohol blood levels down. Activia is in the house. I also mention 3 times that Saturday is normally fart day at 14/48. Just good information to have.
Troy Fischnaller is changing the lyrics to "When I was Seventeen" to reflect the fact that he feels like he's going to die this morning. He's old. We all are. We're Veterans.
People are talking about last night. What choices were made, what they would have done differently. What worked, what didn't. Mik Kuhlman just walked in a gave me a sweet peck on the cheek. Everyone seems tired but very glowy and cuddly. There's a calm but joyful resignation in the air.
Here we go again.

Next up, Actor draw 10 am. Gonna get some coffee in my system. Meet me back here at 10.

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