Friday, June 28, 2013

Foreplay and The Muppet Show

Play #1 is getting a visit from the design team and there is a lot of underwear talk. (Zach Adair does not know his bra size.)  I'm getting a sexy, burlesque vibe, featuring a public figure who's been in the news a lot this week.  Director Justin Alley tells his actors,"Look at Me I'm Kind of Naked is only interesting for about 10 seconds." There is talk of foreplay and The Muppet Show and I never thought I'd ever write that sentence, like ever.

The designers move on and playwright Nic Perleros leaves his play in good hands and tells them, "Take it and make it way better than I could."

So far, All Virgins weekend is looking Seeeeeeexxxyyyy.

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