Friday, June 28, 2013

fish beer and other Sweentastic things I've overheard

"You're going to be straddling her, because that makes the most sense."

"Some occasions call for the big guns."

"I stopped being mad at you at least four beers ago."

"Pardon me.  I tend to speak in metaphors."

"You graduated from frou frou drinks to fish beer. I call it that because it always has a fish on it." 

"The third from the bottom "Fuck you" on page two."

"Just be here in this moment."

"The gay bars will be filled with things like that tonight."

Some of these are Sweentastic comments are lines from the plays and some are just random comments.  You'll have to come out to the show tonight at 8:00 or 10:30 to find out which is which.   :-)

This is where you will be tonight.  Come fill up these seats with your sexy seats.  :-)

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