Saturday, June 22, 2013

Action AND Adventure!

In the mainstage area, the band discusses their initial ideas for each of the plays.

I hear José Amador say, "He's looking for something threatening.. like dark, techno Euro trash."

Um.. yeah.

The band's new name for tonight will be something playing off the theme of Occam's Razor. No boy band dance moves tonight.. but sure to impress regardless.

Lorilee Haener: "And then there's a rape scene."
Erin Stewart: "With puppets?"
Lorilee:  (emphasizes with jazz hands and sings) "Like oooo.. attempted rape..oo!"

Just for the record, rape and/or attempted are not rape funny.. however, if you heard Lorilee sing that, you'd laugh. So there. I don't need Lindy West all up in my business.. thank you.

José asks as the band all heads out for a quick break, "Is it really rape if it's between two puppets?"
Lorilee responds, "Well they're adult puppets.."

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