Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bench is Approved!

We're starting tech for Show #3.  I missed this one when I was making my rounds this morning.  It's a little quieter than the first two. It's also a simpler tech show, or maybe just differently complicated, giving the band a breather and putting Lighting Designer Maggie Lee through her paces. Actors actually get to start a run and  their director has time to tell them how well they're doing. 

When Director Ian Bell is asked how long the show is, he responds, "Hour and a half, not counting the dream ballet."

And we're moving on to Show #4.  Ooh!  I missed this one too and I heard that it's hilarious! And a bit cringe-y, too, I find. In a good way. Director Julia Griffin is totally on top of this show, running the 20 minute tech like a champ.  

"You'll see what's about to happen and its totally gross," she tells the band when asking for a little bit of musical underscoring.

Oh. It is. And that's all I'm gonna say. Good thing intermission is coming up, because you're going to need a drink.

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