Saturday, June 29, 2013

Following Your Muse

Justin Alley is casting for play #4 The Importance of Beauty, noting that John Farrage has written a play where the actors can mold to the characters so he's listening to a few combinations. This morning, the playwright couldn't hide how excited he was about his second night effort.  His Show 7 draw for Friday night demanded a spectacle; last night he wrote a play about the nature of art and beauty.

As the read ends, playwright and director agree. Justin falls in love with the casting. Everyone in the room obviously has a ton of respect for this work. This unbridled enthusiasm is one of the things I'm leaning to love about 14/48. 

And just when I'm getting introspective, rehearsal is interrupted again. Rebecca Davis notes a sudden smell of gas (not that kind) and we check in with the artist liaison team to make sure that we're not all about to expire for our art. 

And since we're on a schedule, the director's meeting with the band. Oooh, they're talking accordion!  This makes me very happy. 

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