Friday, June 28, 2013

this is how this is done

Okay, the Director's meeting was just too overwhelming for me and my fellow Blogess, Rebecca Goldberg, has that covered so I left.  I was given a bunch of fabulous pictures from yesterday by our spectacular photographer Joe Iano so I thought I was take a few minutes to celebrate what happens behind the scenes.

It takes a lot of people to make this happen.  In fact, last night, this is how many people were here as artists and volunteers.  Yeah, that's right, we nearly fill up the theater.

The many faces of 14/48.

View from the sound booth.

Badges for the Virgin weekend participants.  SO many people to make this happen!

Producers Shawn Belyea and Jodi-Paul Wooster-Brown

As I wander around the Erickson, trying to decide what to tell you about, I think about how Shawn Belyea and Megan Ahiers seem to be everywhere, answering questions, making things happen, and always smiling and offering encouragement.  You hear, "Good job," and "thank you," a lot around here.  I haven't seen anyone who acts important.  Decisive, yes.  Important, no.  It's a necessity in the theatre world to be a little bossy sometimes.  Feelings can't be managed but there is a pervasive feeling of goodwill and respect here.  There isn't time to take things personally, everyone is very present, very focused and very collaborative from the front office to the band to the kitchen. 

We now have 4.5 hours until show time and tech is happening.  The band sounds cohesive. There's a guy on stage in a flirty skirt with some really great socks (that Brandon Ryan helped me noticed when he stopped by) and the energy is high.

Last night at the meeting, Shawn told us to "Take care of ourselves and each other."  That is happening.  People are asking for what they need and giving what they can.  This is what equality feels like.

This seems like a good model for living right here:  Risk-taking, respect, care and collaboration. 

This is how this is done.

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