Friday, June 28, 2013

i'm willing to shave it if you want

Dear Diary,

I'm back.  I took a break to eat some lunch.  There was a brief moment of calm and an odd sort of quiet as we stuffed our faces.  Soon, the Green Room was full and we were all on top of each other eating, laughing and sharing stories. 

There was a lot of talk about how things were coming along and things that needed to be tweaked.  With only seven hours until showtime, everyone is showing some noticeable signs of stress.  Manageable stress but stress just the same.  I feel for the design team as they try to find costumes for roles that were just assigned a couple of  hours before.  Katie Driscoll, who is used to being on the stage, said she is finding the job really hard but fun.

I heard one of the actors say, "I'm willing to shave it if you want.  I mean, I like my beard but if it needs to go, it's cool."

Dedication like that is everywhere.  We're steeped in it here.  It's inspiring.  Not a shiftless soul in the house.

I got to help Rebecca M. Davis run lines after lunch.  I was the fish.  

New Haiku for you (using some words I was given for fun):

no pastille needed
running on adrenaline
so perspicacious!
Now only FIVE hours until showtime.

exes and ohs,


PS, I'm a little heartbroken to know that my crush is married!  Just my luck!

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