Saturday, June 22, 2013


Our trusty, hardworking photographer, Ian Johnston, needs a little shuteye too.
After lunch, the energy seems to slow down for some, everyone is digesting and fighting a little sleepiness. But by Saturday, that tired feeling is exponential. Yours truly, though really only constantly sitting in front of my laptop, is feeling the affects of two early mornings and all day observations/interactions.. and let's be honest, not nearly enough drinking, or so I've been told that's my problem by Megan Ahiers and Peter Dylan O'Connor. I had this idea of bringing the makings for mimosas and just as quickly, forgot. Yeah. I'm ON it today. Not.

After my dessert of TWO John Bradshaw cookies (don't think that's all I'm having, people.. he brought BOXES of that shit and I'm gonna get all up in those brownies I haven't had yet.) I couldn't fight it any longer and wandered to the lobby for a cat nap on the couch.

Not as easy, or comfortable, as you'd expect since the lobby isn't closed off from the mainstage and the stage is where the band is rehearsing. And I'm not complaining! Everyone is certainly tired enough to fall asleep standing up and I got in at least 20 good minutes, which is enough to keep me going. But I started a trend. Next one down was actor, Nick Edwards, on the tiny, tiny love seat across from me and when I noticed him, I insisted he trade since he's taller than me (everyone is, really), but he was like, "Whatever. I'm going to sleep!" announcing it like it was a challenge. Though when Danielle Franich, our super adorable stage manager walked by us, he asked her if she wouldn't mind being the big spoon so he could fall asleep quicker. Nice try.

Then Ian, our photographer, sat next to me and pretty immediately was out, and lastly, our busy little Tweeter, Rachel Delmar, fell victim to the sleeps too. "My phone is charging! I can't do anything right now, I swear!" she justifies.

Rachel Delmar, our social media maven, crashes midday. 
No need, girl. We all get it.

Alex Samuels, our lead in the kitchen, takes a well-deserved snooze.
But gah! It's 3pm! Onward ho! Director's meeting! Now now now!

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