Saturday, June 22, 2013

A moment with exhausted playwright Beth Peterson and her actors..

Beth feels good. She said she REM wrote this play.
She's going home to sleep and dream of puppets. Let's go see what's happening with the cast of this little number. shall we?

Brandon Felker is directing this piece which is perfect because it's about puppets. Marionettes? Either way, he's a good fit.
Gary Menendez stops by to let Brandon know how he'd like to see it done.

Tim Moore and Alyson Scadron Branner appear to be the puppet masters as Allison Strickland and Joanna Horowitz proceed to beat Pamala Mijatov with what could be a baguette or a hobbit. Really I'm just guessing because we don't have the prop yet. But I'd like to think it's something edible or furry.
There also seems to be a moral to the story. Something about Nutella or a Gold Ring maybe. Will we ever know?
Oh, yeah, I guess we will. Tonight at 8 and 10:30.
Be there to witness puppet murder.

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