Friday, June 28, 2013

Sorry, I Thought That Would Help

And your Friday night line up is....

Act 1
Play 1:  Butter and Sugar by Nik Perleros
Directed by Justin Alley
Cast: Zach Adair, Sam Read, Jillian Vashro, Meaghan Halverson  

Play 2:  The Hobo, the Werewolf, and the Girl Next Door by Brandon Jepson
Directed by Agastya Kholi
Cast: Shellie Shulkin, Catherine Kettrick, Sandra Ponce

Play 3: Wedding Day by Dave Clapper
Directed by Ian Bell.
Cast:  Rachel Glass, Sydney Tucker, Hannah Mootz

Play 4:  Spoiled by Jennifer Jasper
Directed by Julia Griffin
Cast:  David Nail, Rob MacGregor, Caitlin Frances, Hannah Schnabel

Act 2

Play 5:  Thank you for holding by Kate Jaeger
Directed by Maria Glanz
Cast: Ashley Marshall, Erin Pike, Cody Smith, Daniel Wood

Play 6:  A Fish and a Bear in Purgatory by Holly Arsenault
Directed by Deb Pralle
Cast:  Mark Waldstein, Rebecca M. Davis

Play 7:  Kings by John Farrage
Directed by Alyson Soma

Cast: Amelia Meckler, Sydney Andrews, Linda Clemon-Karp, Emily Grogan, Wonder Russell


Andy Joe said...

To Rebecca M. Davis
Thou sayest 'I do not wish for the two-hander', thou shalt receiveth the two-hander.

Anonymous said...

That's brAndon jepson...

Andy Joe said...

thAnks and fixed!