Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lunch, Hugs and Tears.

Jonah Von Spreecken just offered me cheese. Some people will do anything to get mentioned on the blog.
Mazen Award Winner Erin Stewart just referred to her A-MAZEN ass.
Only at lunch. and dinner. and all the time.
Lorilee Haener twisted her ankle yesterday. I asked her how it felt today. Sadly she's going to have to have it amputated after the show, and dance number.
Aimee and Ian have a very quick and intense conversation about?
People are hungry and smiling.
Tim Moore looks dashing in tank top and suspenders.
I ask Virgin actor Jim Jewell how it's going. "Great! I've already been smacked in the face multiple times by a hot dog". Seems about right.

So it's about 3 hours later. I had to go home and make sure the dog hadn't sold the house.
But I'm back in the kitchen for dinner and I just got attacked by hugs from the Wooster-Brown/Rawley kids. It started well enough but ended up with crying as these things often do. I don't regret it though. I'll state that for the record. Did I mention everyone is hopped up on John Bradshaw cookies?
41 minutes til the 7pm meeting.  More cookies to be eaten and hugs to be had. Not a bad way to start the night.

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Farmer Winkler said...

Nice post Erin. I got a great feel for a Saturday afternoon at the fest.