Friday, June 21, 2013

Kamikaze Opening Night Energy!

The crowd is settling in, mingling with friends and associates. This crazy theater community has come out to see what we've created tonight and after what we've blogged and tweeted and videoed today, it isn't going to disappoint!

And here's Jodi-Paul to emcee this motherfucker!
(Seriously, I haven't cussed enough today.. so I'm making up for it.)

"Whatever, it's acting," when discussing the two or three virgins who pulled that discipline.. like it's hard or something..

He explains, "We want to muddy the art in a brand new way.. that's what we're trying to do here."

And the new band, the hotter than hot, Bye Bye Byes, enter and start this thing!

Play #1 - Horton's Last Leg
A lot of clowning by K. Brian Neel as a sick dog, Colleen Robertson as his owner and Tim Moore
as her friend and awkward animal lover. Allison Strickland is seriously adorable as a singing vet with a charming accent. The sads of losing a pet disappear quickly once the band breaks into End of the Road as the dog ascends into heaven.. Awww..

Play #2 - #duranadam (standing man)
Pulled from the news about the protest in Turkey over a park set to be demolished. A lovely, more symbolic and serious piece. Nice work.

Play #3 - The Medallion's Clasp 
Enters with the theme to Popeye I believe.. with kazoos. Hee. Pirates! A plank! An eye patch! Every possible pirate cliché you can imagine and still funny. And of course, Eye of the Tiger to fight to. Because, duh. Nice little twist to end it and Bring Back My Bonnie to Me from the band.

Play #4 - Coincident
The band transitions into this one with Fly Like An Eagle. It's a reflection on a couple moments as they begin to fall apart, directed by the brother of one of the boyfriends in order to point out to his brother how he can fix it. Shane gets to say my favorite line of the first half, "I'm fishing!" emphatically. It ends very sweetly and that's intermission bitches!

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