Saturday, June 22, 2013

8pm 2nd Half!

The Gillettes enter a la Esther Williams and some symbolic synchronized swimming! And fancy swimming caps. The boys come in to complement them and finish the song. Adorbs.

Play #5 - Beautiful, Brains, Tinder
A campfire, a couple and another friend.. and just a nice, simple bit of love between all of them, even if somewhat secretly. A hotdog to the face fight.. weird but funny.. and some astrology to go with it. Cute.

Play # 6 - The Space Between
Unexpected casting - for what was intended to be a romantic couple, but when I was discussing it during the day with the playwright, Mik Kuhlman, she said it suddenly made it more universal. And seeing it live finally, I have to agree. Point A and Point B - and how to get from one to the other. To me it was about trust and expectation - that people don't always do things in the way you'd like them to, but in their own way, even if that's way more complicated than it should be. And then they get distracted, let you down. They may get there, but do you put your faith in them again? So well done and so simple. At the end, just these little moments had me welled up a little. (I was sitting next to Mik during this. After it was over, she was a little overwhelmed.).

Play # 7 - Buongiorno, Principessa!
Fighting marionettes and a very sweet Tim Moore emotional over his puppets. And a bit of evil embedded..

Very solid Saturday night everyone! Great pace! Great scripts! I'm excited for our closing show! Let's bring it!

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