Friday, June 28, 2013

it's a little like sex

Dear Diary,

It's only three hours to show time.  Tech is still happening.  Kitchen crew is exhausted after serving us all day.  Costumes are on.  Lights are coming up and going down.  The band, formed just last night, is making music and adding all kinds of chromatic splendor to the pieces.

I was talking to Stan Lippman, a crew member who recently moved up to Seattle from Tuscon.  He said he's enjoying all watching how it all comes together and I concur.  He was asking how I know what to say on the blog and when to stop.  I told him I have been trying to tell people what happens and what they might not otherwise know.  As for when to stop, it's a little like sex, I guess.  I stop when I feel finished then I rest a bit and come back for more (I didn't say that Stan.  I hope he isn't reading my diary.)

I asked some of the design team about their experiences.  The virgins like Roy Stanton mentioned being very grateful for the experts like Michael Mowery.  There is a stunning amount of work in this process.  Things are being built in these handful of hours, costumes are pulled together and props gathered.  I have been keeping myself from peeking in on the shop because I want to be surprised tonight.

I want you people reading my diary to be surprised a bit too but before I skedaddle off to dinner, I'll tell you that I am currently watching a fish and a bear onstage.  I also noticed that one of the actors shaved his beard for his play.

Sometimes it's more fun when it's shaved.



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