Friday, June 21, 2013

2nd Half of Dress Rehearsal!

The 8pm show is often called dress rehearsal because the nerves are at their peak and lines are stumbled and everyone takes a breath when it's over and calms the fuck down. The 10:30 show is often tighter, more relaxed and smoother. Not always, but often. And that's ok.. This isn't necessarily how theater should be done.. but it can be and that's the best part of it. The unexpected. The joy the audience feels WITH the artists. It's tangible and awesome.

And with that - I give you the second half!

The theme tonight is Departures. The band re-enters with something I think they put together, a little silly and sexy at the same time.. I'm Leaving Now.. aw yeah.. A great opening. Erin Stewart, our Kamikaze Mazen award winner, is a powerhouse of presence.

Act II

Play # 5 - On Three
Three people, strangers, not in the same place, on the same phone call together prepping to commit suicide together. Beth Raas may unintentionally be making her character a tad more morbid when she grabs her very not fake pregnant belly and says, "We're ready!" Funny - and maybe my favorite one tonight.

Japanese style anime music plays us out..

Play #6 - Moon Beam
A mother and daughter do their normal tense conversation that some mothers and daughters do til the end, which is possibly more a memory than reality for one of them. Sweet and sad.

Play #7 - The Final Curtain
Bawdy actors attempt to keep their king entertained and keep their heads while the actor the king replaced tries to sabotage the show. Fancy pants, good 'bad' acting and a little 'female' competition go a long way. Jim Jewell looks fantastic in a dress! Ok.. this also might be one of my favorites tonight. I did mention kazoos right? And some unexpected butt crack! Well, that's the way to end the first night! Yes!

And that's it! Get out of here because we close this bitch starting at 10:30!

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