Friday, June 28, 2013

Go Act I, Man!

Our story so far....

When the band appears, the audience knows what's going to happen.  They break into a countrified Like A Virgin and the show is on.

In Butter and Sugar by Nik Perleros, a burlesque Paula "Double" Dean in drag turns into an anthem to love.  Bye, bye, DOMA!  And the things that Sam Read does with a wooden spoon!

Love shows up again The Hobo, the Werewolf and the Girl Next Door by Brandon Jepson when we travel from Cincinnati to London and back to find a lost love once misdirected.  The tech team has built one half of a

Wedding Day by Dave Clapper opens up after a wedding gone horribly wrong. It's funny and sad and then funny again and damn, I'm crying.

And Spoiled by Jennifer Jasper is...twisted.  Just twisted.

The second half is coming.  And you can still see the show at 10:30!

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