Saturday, June 22, 2013

You're Drunk. Go Home.

The 10:30 crowd is always rowdier and more appreciative. I think the 8pm is too busy being polite and contained and the 10:30 crowd says fuck it and talks back.

A few things I missed at the 8pm show:

K. Brian Neel really gets into his squeaky toy.

Allison Strickland's 'guinea pig' is nuclear sized.. for a guinea pig, that is.

Goddamn, Ashley's play gets me all teary right before Horton goes. Especially Tim Moore's, "It's ok buddy," at the end.

The crowd squirms when Shane tries to put the live bait on the fishing pole.. It's kind of adorable.

The audience oooh's over one of the 'episodes' in play 4.. and I think, dear audience, you're drunk. Go home. I mean, don't go home.. there's one more half.. but ok.. drink more maybe. Just call a cab, ok?

Did I mention Bye Bye Bye (or is that plural? No one cares..) is a force to be reckoned with this weekend? Because fuck. And a fine looking band they are..

Alyssa Keene has a thousand faces and they're all funny and gorgeous and fiesty.

Kazoos never grow old. Nope.

And play 7 is a very nice homage to the very fest in which it was created. Hi-larious too!

Rise to the challenge, people! One. More. Day!

Oh and get some fucking sleep.

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