Thursday, June 27, 2013

that's the sound of my hymen breaking

I'm sitting here at the Erickson watching Shawn Belyea setting up the playground to make sure it's safe for the hard games to come. Right now, the virgins, or "fresh meat" are all being introduced and rushed along. Seeing all the faces peeking out to say hello and watching the beer get sloshed onto the stage is like seeing an enormous piƱata of goodness spilling out and creating excitement.

As I sit here trying to listen and type, I feel a little nervous and vulnerable. I hope I'll do well and capture the moments well. I hope I won't be exhausted. I can only imagine how the virgin talent must feel right now! Creating 7 fully-staged plays in 24 hours is not an easy feat. I am stunned by what they create each time and you will be too when you come see these plays this weekend. 

In the spirit of risk-taking and collaboration, I asked some people to give me words to sprinkle into my blog posts this weekend. You'll see them in italics. If it's your word, feel free to leave a comment and say, "Hey!" (Thanks for playing with me.)

First quote of the night from the lovely Erin Bryn Fetridge: "You don't have to pay the higher price if you flash your boobs." (It is what you think.)

From Shawn: "I whacked my thing." (It's not what you think.)

From Tim Hyland: "Be courageous. Be honest."

 While they are talking about all the rules and tips for success, I'll write a little haiku for you:
virgins everywhere
the sound of cherries popping
go big or go home!

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