Saturday, June 29, 2013

Three Characters In Search of an Author

This is Ian Bell's second night working on play by Dave Clapper, which will once again go into slot #3: My Cat from Hell. A band member stop by just as we're talking about trading blow jobs for a tech element of the play. Go figure. Ian hums a showbiz closing riff that he wants to close the show and is met with a blank stare. I'm confident the band will figure it out, even without the exchange of sexual favors.

This play is so meta. The actors are playing actors who are playing other characters and writing/improvising a script as Ian and the cast work through Dave's script trying to figure out when they are actors and when they are characters and now I'm confused. The characters start trashing the playwright and consider rebellion.  Its Three Characters in Search of an Author, with references to Night 1 plays and past 14/48 masterpiece Once Upon a Time in a Litterbox.

It's a wild, creative room and everyone is throwing out ideas and interpretations. Oh my god, there is a pink furry monstrosity in the corner and I think this is the cat costume that the designers were talking about this morning. Holy hell. This. is. good.

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