Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Sweet Breath of Surrealism

I'm visiting Play #2, Alfred by Holly Arsenault, at tech and I'm lucky that director Maria Glanz is trying for a run through.

We've got a lovely opening image that reminds me of Magritte. Simple and strikingly beautiful before the actors even start speaking. The play has a simple-complex feeling. Haunting. Surreal. A little bit sweet. A little bit dark. I'm excited to what the next two hours of time will do to it, because I'm already fascinated. I'm starting to see how two hours changes everything in the whole 14/48 timescale universe.

(By the way, Director Maria Glanz is sweet as pie, but when people are talking backstage and neither the SM nor the band [on mic] can get them to shut up, you really want Maria's lungs on your side.)


Kymberlee said...

sweet and dark. yeah, baby.

Maria Glanz said...

So lovely to read these glimpses, blog-goddesses!