Friday, June 28, 2013

Things We Learn at the Director's Meeting

Director roll call is happening and now the kick ass Stage Management team of Dani French and Jason Harber is all business. We go through set, sound, and light cues show-by-show. Designers are here listening for any surprises and crew volunteers are getting their first taste of what they'll be doing tonight.

The reaction to Justin Alley's choice of opening music for Show #1: "Fascinating."

"It's gotta be the perfect bench."

Oh, something creepy is happening in Show #4!  I like creepy.

"It's a 7-minute play!"  "Mine's 5 and a half."  "Really?"  "Actually, no."

Lots of kissing and sunsets in this show.  And here I thought it was all about underwear.

"We'll go into a military march."  "Of course we will."

We walk through the tech process and the meeting is over.

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