Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cauldron/Hot Tub will also be a Fence and a Rock

...and that's how you design and build seven shows in less than 12 hours. Word out there is that costumes are having an easier day than yesterday, but set is much more demanding. 

Everyone here has been so tolerant of this blogger walking into their rehearsals and eavesdropping on their lunch conversations for good sound bits. This 14/48 blog is a pretty sweet gig; so much is going down that I'm never without something to share. But it's hardest to check in with the designers because they are just that busy. Or maybe because they have power tools and I want to stay on their good side.  

I just passed Mazen Roy Stanton in the hallway and asked him how his day was going.  His response:  "Interesting." And then he disappeared into a rehearsal room. 

On the other hand, to present an actor with a jar of Cheerios tied with a red ribbon and say, "Here are your toad buttholes" must be kind of fun. And it sure makes an actor pretty damn happy. 

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