Saturday, June 29, 2013

have you seen this cat?

Urgent:  Lost Cat (for real)

Paul Shipp, one of our intrepid chefs this weekend, awakened today to discover that the cat he was caring for had slipped of the window last night.  He soldiered on and came to make us food so we're doing what we can to try to help find the cat using the power of social media.

No picture, unfortunately, but if you live in Seattle's North Seattle Bitterlake neighborhood, you may have seen him.  He is a s 12 year-old black and white cat named Tux. He was last seen at 137th and Linden.  His owner's name is Mary and you can reach her at 206-861-6328 if you see Tux.

14/48 is all about community and looking out for one another.  Thanks for being part of ours. *meow*

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