Friday, June 21, 2013

A Word With A Virgin Musician

Lorilee Haener, virgin musician in the 14/48 Band, sits down with me for just a few minutes on a rare break from the band. She thinks she smells. I say I do by now. She scoots away. I then relay to her the benefits of a little spritz of rubbing alcohol. Really. I have some in my purse right now. It works wonders. I heard it from a friend who knew a model. Good for not getting deodorant marks on couture. True story.

ANYWAY. She's been sitting on a stool all day, pretty much literally, and it can't possibly be comfortable. She verifies it's not. But she can't reach the keyboard if she sits in anything shorter and she needs to reach it. See people? What we SACRIFICE for the creation of ART?!

Wow.. break over! That was quick! Back on the stool for Lorilee and back to tech!

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