Friday, June 21, 2013

7pm Meeting ( or No Eating or Drinking in the Dance Studio)

All Plays in Residence!
Welcome to the 7pm meeting!

Peter is telling everyone the usual about not being pigs; clean up after yourselves. We are NOT YOUR MOTHER!
Alfie speeds across the room, anxious to get this meeting done. He's got playing to do....
"Don't pull a Shawn Law" is mentioned.
Harvey follows suit and now we are all wishing it was time to play.

The usual notes follow about professionalism and being quiet.

Big Thanks to go out to Kitchen, Running Crew etc.....

Eugie the ASM does a cute dance to identify herself.

Playwrights are reminded that they need to write another play tonight. Nervous giggling ensues.

Curtain Call.

Don't run and fall like Erin and Megan have done.
Peter is challenging everyone to raise their personal bar. 
Opening Night Energy!
Closing Night Energy!

Peter is challenging everyone to raise their personal bar.
Let's do this. Hard.

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