Friday, June 21, 2013

The Morning of 14/48 in Pictures.. So Far

A few pictures to document the adventure as it begins!

The breakfast spread brought to you by Alex Samuels. Thank you, Alex!

Me.. Angel.. or Miss Devylish.. whichever.. I'm not even blogging here. I'm finding the link to the wedding dress I want in order to send it to my mom who said $395 for a wedding dress is expensive. Ooook.. 

Mik Kuhlman and Susanna Burney already cracking up in their director/playwright meeting. 

Tim Moore goofing around.

The band's very important instruments!

Erin Stewart admiring her virgin-ness. 

Annie Jantzer and Nate B arrive to set up the band space and lead our talented musicians.

Chris Haddad, playwright, and Brandon Felker, director, meet to discuss details for their play.

And they're off and running! We'll have more pics throughout the day!

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