Friday, June 21, 2013

Now Comes the Reckoning - The Actor Draw

This is going to be a co-written piece as it's already hard to keep up with everything happening in house.

Peter and Megan are at the house front. The room is oddly quiet. Not as many cat calls and howling as you might normally find. The atmosphere is a bit more introspective and contained. The biggest response is for the Virgins because we want them to know just how nervous they should be.

Play #1 - Horten's Last Leg, by Ashley Bagwell
Directed by Lyam White
Cast: K. Brian Neel, Tim Moore, Colleen Robertson and Allison Strickland

Play #2 - #Hashtag, by Darian Lindle
Directed by Kathy Hsieh
Cast: Allison Scadron-Branner, Pamala Mijatov and Jonah Von Spreecken

Play # 3 - The Medallions, by Mik Kuhlman
Directed by Susanna Burney
Cast: Scotto Moore and Nick Edwards

Play # 4 - Coincidence, by Dawson Nichols
Directed by Aimee Bruneau
Cast: Shane Regan, Shawn Belyea and Troy Lund

Play # 5 - On Three, by Chris Haddad
Directed by Brandon Felker
Cast: Cole Hornaday, Troy Fishnaller and Beth Raas-Bergquist

Play #6 - Moonbeams, by Zoey Belyea
Directed by Joe Z
Cast: Joann Horowitz and Karen Jo Fairbrook

Play #7 - The Final Curtain, by Beth Peterson
Directed by Mark Fullerton
Cast: Alyssa Keene, Jeff page, Jim Jewell, Wayne Rawley and Sam Hagen

Phew! Get going everyone!

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