Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Learning Curve

Megan starts it off, "This might freak out Shawn and Jodi, but I'm hijacking the meeting." So we take a few extra minutes to honor the people that 'set the standard' for 14/48, Shawn Belyea and Jodi-Paul Wooster. Hell yeah! They're given half yard glass steins for their beers. Jason Harber offers to fill them! Sweet!


Shawn says, "There's not a 14/48 way.. be open.."

Peter adds, "It's all about collaboration. You all are here for each other."

A little discussion about the five disciplines - and Shawn, himself, is going to draw tonight as well!

Actor: Only three people are terrified to pull the acting discipline and Shawn asks a few people what their most challenging thing was as an actor in 14/48. Karen Jo Fairbrook says going up on her lines, Sam Hagen confesses he pasted his lines once into a newspaper he was using as a prop. Brendan Felker adds the most important piece of advice, "Trust the people you're working with." Truth!

Designer: Two people are excited to pull the design card! OK! The right costume or prop can make the play. He asks Cole Hornaday to provide advice, who says without taking a beat, "Honestly, if there are no pissing unicorns, we're all good." Ok then.

Director: Most important thing about directing for 14/48, Jose Amador says, "Preparation.. as quickly as possible." Any nightmares, he asks Aimée, who says, "Not letting the actors have enough time to learn their lines. Between 3pm and 6pm, you gotta leave them alone." Right.. smart! "It's not about control. It's about working as hard as you can together.. " reminds Shawn.

Band: Almost everyone is psyched to be in the band. Annie Jantzen and Nate are leading. Shawn asks Shane the best part of being in the Kamikaze band last time who says, "The crazy costumes." And, he adds, working with Alyssa Keene. Also? The 14/48 Band is dead. The band will be coming up with a new name each night. Whoo hoo!

Playwright: People are excited to write, like whoa! Chris Haddad says, "It's scary as fuck to go home and do it but so satisfying." And if you draw play #7, "'re the closer! You gotta bring it home!" Shawn says. More advice from Jonah von Sprecken, "More importantly than thinking of entertaining, is to have heart. Put heart into the play." Exactly.

Another note from our fearless leader, "At any given moment, you are not the smartest person in the room." Well, humility is always a good thing.

My fellow blogger and steering committee member, Erin, chimes in, "Go into it with joy."

Yes, please. Way more fun that way.. so let's do this!

And spontaneously, that is the new tagline - 14/48 Kamikaze: PULL IT WITH JOY!

Can hardly wait until tomorrow! Y'all get some sleep!

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