Thursday, June 20, 2013

Actors, Writers, Directors - Oh My!

Forgive any typos. Just going in order of the draw! Yippee! And I've had some wine. Hope I got everyone.

Shawn Belyea - Veteran Actor
Ashley Bagwell - Virgin Playwright - Damn!
Aimée Bruneau - Veteran Director
Susanna Burney - Veteran Director
Nick Edwards - Veteran Actor
Zoey Belyea - Virgin Playwright - Yeah!
Karen Jo Fairbrook - Veteran Actor
Brandon Felker - Virgin Director
Troy Fishnaller - Veteran Actor
Cole Hornaday - Virgin Actor!
Mark Fullerton - Veteran Director
Jonah Von Spreecken - Veteran Actor
Lyam White - Virgin Director!
Chris Haddad - Veteran Playwright
Joe Zavadil - Virgin Director!
Sam Hagen - Veteran Actor
Joanna Horowitz - Veteran Actor
Allison Strickland - Veteran Actor
Kathy Hsieh - Virgin Director
Allison Scadron-Branner - Veteran Actor
Jim Jewell - Virgin Actor
Colleen Robertson - Veteran Actor
Alyssa Keene - Veteran Actor
Shane Regan - Veteran Actor
Mik Kulman - Virgin Playwright!
Wayne Rawley - Virgin Actor! Whoo hoo!
Darian Lindle - Veteran Playwright
Beth Raas - Virgin Actor! (She's no virgin)
Troy Lund - Veteran Actor
Beth Petersen - Veteran Playwright
Pamala Mijatov - Veteran Actor
Brian Neel - Veteran Actor
Jeff Page - Veteran Actor
Tim Moore - Veteran Actor
Dawson Nichols - Veteran Playwright
Scotto Moore - Veteran Actor

Bad ass!!

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