Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sleep.. Like Butter

Before we leave for the night, playwright and actor, Colleen Robertson, offers me a blog idea.

"There's some sort of parallel between when you can't sleep before you're convicted, when your fate is undetermined and you toss and turn the night before.. Last night I tossed and turned. Tonight, my fate is sealed. I know I'm screwed. I'm gonna sleep like a baby. I've seen this game before. It's never pretty though."

I say, "It's never pretty? But it's acting right? You got this."

She replies, "Like the year I was the tuba or the year I was Sarah Palin?"

Honestly, in my opinion, only Tina Fey and Colleen could really pull off Sarah Palin. Seriously. Only so many people have the features that could resemble her and that director was lucky he/she (?) pulled Colleen that day. She was brilliant.

She continues, "Anyway, I think there's a parallel there. Last night I couldn't go to bed.. and now I'm gonna sleep.. like butter."

I don't know what that's like exactly, but I wish you all a sleep like that tonight. See you at 8am tomorrow!

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