Friday, June 21, 2013

OH at 14/48 (Before Noon)

Nate B: (Testing sound effects): "ELECTRONICS ARE SO FUN DUDE!"

14/48 Band (The Bye Bye Byes) rehearsing their moves (because I can't even TELL you how awesome it is): "What is that hand, like you're grabbing a sandwich?" "And are you eating it?"

Teri Lazarra (getting ice for the kitchen): "Whenever you say you have to get ice, it means you have gas."

She also provides blogging advice: "In order to blog, you have to have a lot of boyfriends." Um.. I don't think my fiancé would approve.. so I'll skip that part and leave that to Fetridge today.

Alex Samuels asks Scotto, "How's it going?"
"Fantastic!" says Scotto "I get to be a macho gay pirate. Just like I've always dreamed!" Alex quips, "Or just like you've always been!" Scotto laughs and says, "It's typecasting."

Someone in the band talking about the chords (I think): "Ooh.. it's unresolved!" Nerds.

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