Friday, June 21, 2013

Lunchtime Banter and Massages!

OMG!!!! Volunteer Masseuse just arrived. A fan of 14/48, Mr. Ray Misra showed up with his table and the mass exodus to take advantage of this kind offer was pretty inspiring.
14/48 brings out the best people.
Also, Megan Ahiers brother Dan is volunteering for 14/48 for the very first time. Megan is being very gentle on him. NOT.
"I haven't had to memorize lines in a long time"
"It wasn't angry Alzheimers"
"A toxic combination of pack rats and procrastinators"
"I'm not sure what this rash but it's not weeping as much..." (overheard from Troy Fischnaller)
"ewwww" Alyssa Keene

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