Friday, June 21, 2013

There Is Excitement Under the Sleepiness

Ashley Bagwell, virgin playwright, slowly saunters over to say hello. I ask him how it went. "Are you happy? Proud?"

He replies, "I'm proud I did it. I tried to see it as if it was something I'd want to be in as an actor and I'd be happy with any of the four roles.. but I don't know."

Mik Kuhlman looks refreshed as she arrives, happy she's done for the day.

The band leads, Annie Jantzer and Nick Bogopolski (Nick B. from here on out), look way less tired than most.

This blogger needs more caffeine, the directors have done their draw of plays and actor draw is in 20+ minutes. I'm excited on the inside.. I'm sure more coffee will help..

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Kymberlee said...

Lovin' these little peeks into the process. :-)