Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving & Shaking

Wandering around and sitting in the beginnings of the rehearsal process throughout the theater, logistics are being discussed, actors are wandering the halls when not needed learning lines, Ian is taking fantastic candids.. and so far, everyone looks fairly relaxed. But it's early still.

Allison Strickland is already effortlessly stealing the play she's in and her fellow actors, Colleen Robertson, Tim Moore and K. Brian Neel, are plenty hilarious with Lyam White at the helm, directing.

The kitchen staff, Alex Samuels, Teri Lazarra and Katie Driscoll who are incredibly important to the care and sanity of all the artists, are singing along to Tom Jones, because of course..

Mark Fullerton begins more of the physical and character work with his cast, Alyssa Keene, Jeff Page, Jim Jewell, Wayne Rawley and Sam Hagen.

In the design room with the leads, Rachel Atkins, James Venturini and Andrew McMasters, they're discussing where to pick up necessities for each play; costumes, hardware, set needs, props (fishing poles and real worms? Or gummies? Ooh!). I'm a little extra excited about listening in on this process as I'll be designing for the All Virgin weekend next week! Megan Ahiers wanders in and asks how they're doing.. "you all seem very serious!"

The band is cracking us up with their process. They work their asses off, even while everyone else takes breaks for dinner, etc., and they continue to work through because they have to, but they fuckin rock the house every damn time and never disappoint. Tonight sounds like it may include kazoos. Because you can never go wrong with kazoos. No. No you can not.

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