Friday, June 21, 2013

It's 3pm! Directors' Meeting!

Everyone is here. Our stage managers are ready to go to get light and sound requests from our directors for tech even as screams are heard down the hall.. ahem.

Danielle French, a seasoned sm, doesn't get rattled by anything. Ever. That girl is a pro.

So far, only play #2 sounds complicated but they reordered some of the written ones, which happens. Some part of it involves tear gas.. Oy!

Pretty quick and painless.. (more shouting from down the hall. Whatever that is sounds exciting.)

Down the other hall, I see our other fearless leader, Jodi-Paul has arrived..

Danielle asks if there are any large set pieces they're concerned about getting out or need more time for..

"There's just the electric chair," says Brandon Felker.. to chuckles.

12 Minutes to Tech! Gah!

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