Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Tech - Shows 1 thru 3

Everyone gets 20 minutes for each play with five minutes to work transitions. The light designer (sorry - missed who it is exactly) is invaluable, the band assists with opening transition, any internal cues and closing transition from one play to the next. Keeping each show on time is extremely important so they don't go over their slotted time and no one panics come 6pm when the last show should be finishing.. because if it's not, people are late for dinner, which makes them irritable, actors lose time to finish getting lines down and people need time for other last minute details. Any extra chaos that can be prevented by efficiency is a good idea, but it doesn't always work that way.

Play #1 surrounds a sickly but funny dog and masturbation! Actors playing animals AND masturbation?! Be still my heart! The cues are worked and done in record time with about ten minutes to spare. A good thing too because play #2 requires a lot of internal light cues and sound cues from the band. Something sort of protest-y or post-apocolyptic maybe? This one could take a bit.

Hmm.. I want a cookie. And maybe a cocktail.

And we're still on schedule! Play #3 is up! I still don't have a cookie (or a cocktail) however, the kazoos are employed for this one! WIN! Oooh! Here come the pirates complete with feathers in their caps and fancy jewelry! Colorful backlighting and KAZOOS! Seriously, what is funnier than a kazoo opening? Nothing. That's what.

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