Thursday, August 6, 2009


We're all here, we're all meeting, and what is Shawn Belyea talkin 'bout? Hint: It rhymes with this:

But a short recap anyhoo: Hurray for On the Boards, give them respeck', Parking still sucks, watch the cord to the computer damnit!, Josef Krebs is the winner of biggest applause during the introductions, and Shawn flew through the introduction this week. Kudos. This week's group of actors seem to be bigger purveyors of beer. Belyea just made Bob Wright get him one, btw. He handled it with class and panache though, as one does.

Therese Diekhans wants to know where the beer is at the Rep. Good question. (But the answer is NOT THERE.)

And speaking of beer one more time, I just took advantage of Moll Frothingham's virginity. First time I've ever said that. 'Bout a girl.

Oh, and another about beer and drunkeness: If you're feeling drunk and loud, stay the fuck inside. You'll wake up the airline pilots.

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