Friday, August 7, 2009


Show #1"Mazen"
I just walked into the beginning of tech.
Each show gets something like 17 minutes to tech. They have 8 left. They are trying to start back up and Actor Shawn Law seems frustrated by some false starts.
"Let's do it a 2 count instead of a bump! One more time" Director Tim Hyland seems cool and in charge. He is moving between adjusting is actors and giving notes to the tech team seemlessly. But they have 3 minutes to work the last sound cue with the band. The next cast is already hovering...
Awesome creepy music? CHECK!
Wow! These end lights are cool!
Done. Tim thanks stage manager Lou Butler and the band and we are on to #2.

Show #2 Human Progress
Totally different use of stage and set, cool. Tech includes lots of band effects at top and big old section of projections. Sweet. How did that all get done? It is only 3:58!
Looks like Ray Gonzalez is here. I heard people discussing when we would have him earlier. I am not sure what his job is tonight must find out.
Lot's of sound to coordinate with the band. Love it. Sound is always live at 14/48, the band not only provides music, but all the effects too. It is freakin awesome and really adds to the event. Got it, Ray is crew tonight. Alex and I are discussing how he such a good actor. But tonight, he is all in backstage mode. So many awesome people volunteering to make this happen! An iconic 14/48 object is a prop in this how too. It is related to pulling the theme. Nice.
Show two tech done at 4:13.

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