Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Haps at the Rep

It's no secret that in this incarnation of 14/48, the plays that rehearse at the Rep are the red-headed stepchildren of the group. You know what I'm talking about: "It'd be so much easier to love you if it weren't for those hideous freckles."

It's like a five block walk over there!! Hey pal, I'm here to see a theatre festival, not join a gym.

But anyway, bitching aside, it is pretty awesome of the Rep to let 14/48 take over a couple of rehearsal spaces for two weekends in a row.

In one rehearsal space, Brian Faker is directing a piece by Paul Mullin. With four women and one man. The name of the piece is called Just Drink It. I didn't stay to watch much (they were still talking costumes and tech anyway) because I have a feeling I would like to be surprised by this one. Possessing the filthy mind that I do, I had several immediate ideas as to what It that invariably means that the play probably won't be as dirty as I hope it will be, but I can hope. Which is what I will do.

A short walk down, Nick Garrison and the Cut crew were already on their feet, or rather, sitting at their desks. It would appear that this play is set in the worst, most boring job in world. So you'll either find it really funny or really not funny and painful, like a searing stab wound right in your abdomen. (It's the feeling you feel every day when you work at a boring desk job.) Methinks Vince Delaney may have experience working in those places, because the dialogue was spot on.

The stage direction of the day goes to Mr. Garrison, who instructed Betsy Schwartz to give a line reading at the paper cutter a tiny bit more "retarded coyness."

How sweet. Reminds me of the movie Radio with Cuba Gooding Jr.

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