Saturday, August 1, 2009


We are in the middle of tech.  It's crazy.  Quick, short breakdown, by discipline:

Actors: onstage, then off, starting lines, interrupted, starting over.  moving here, moving back.  half in costume, half not.  some might be in costume, but it might be their own clothes.  hard to say.  

Band: playing michael jackson's thriller, stopping.  playing the kazoo.  making up a funeral dirge on the spot.  its beautiful.  now playing nirvana.  now being asked to participate in the play.  sure.  

Directors: trying to be efficient.  trying to watch their time. trying to tell the band, stage manager, crew, lighting designer, board operator, and their actors exactly what their vision is. trying not to be vague.  sounding very vague.  trusting that it will happen.  learning to let go.

Stage Manager: yelling out time.  saying yes.  saying i can do that.  yelling out time again.  keeping people focused.  writing lots of notes.  being awesome.

Light Board Operator and Designer: pushing lots of buttons.  lights up.  lights down.  different lights now.  they are red.  now they are blue.  is that what you want?  what do you need?  going dark. 

Crew: masking sets.  moving props.  moving platforms.  moving them back.  and tim hyland is wearing a headlamp.  i don't know if its necessary, but he insists it is.  

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